Fees & Insurance

Fees for Individual Adult and Child Counseling $245/session

Fees Couples Counseling $245/session

My Policy about Using Insurance

I accept what is called a Super Bill. My clients pay me a full fee-for-service and then I fill out and sign some paperwork that they are responsible for submitting to the insurance companies. The insurance companies will then reimburse the client for a portion of the fee.


What You Need to Know When Using Insurance

  • Insurance companies will pay for some therapy services and they will refuse to pay for others.
  • Some career paths require a disclosure of medical information including your mental health records. The information they can access is your diagnosis, your contact information. Additionally, I’ve seen requests for current medications, severity of symptoms including suicidal and homicidal ideation and self-injurious behavior.
  • Sometimes, middlemen companies are allowed to buy your insurance claims and therefore your private information may get submitted 2 or 3 times before your claim is fully processed.


The Advantages of Not Using Insurance

  • Less paperwork is required
  • Access to therapy is on your terms
  • You can choose your own therapist
  • You can leave the decision for the length of treatment to you and your therapist and not have it be dictated by some generic formulas.