Marriage Counseling Specialist

Are your relationship struggles creating a nagging feeling in your gut that says you need help?

  • Are you worn out by arguments that go round-and-around with no sense of resolution?

  • Or do you feel alone because you avoid serious discussions for fear of having them turn out poorly?

  • Maybe you have been hurt by your partner's regrettable words or actions.

Relationships can be Heavenly Bliss or an Ugly Nightmare


Feelings can go from one extreme to the other. One thing for sure, it is unwise to make major decisions in the midst of these extreme emotions. Just like you wouldn't marry a person solely based off of a romantic high, you can't divorce or split up with someone just because it's really difficult right now. I'm not saying you should stay in a miserable relationship, but I am highlighting the need to explore your options and to remember that there are a lot of good ways to improve your situation.

Hope For a Better Relationship

Did you know that the average licensed therapist who is skilled in couples counseling has about a 60-70% chance of helping you create a successful outcome?

The better news is that I've hit an incredible 90% success rate which includes helping couples get through common everyday problems all the way up through the toughest-of-the-toughest relationship nightmares. The benefits of couples counseling is that it dramatically improves your chances of getting what you want from your significant other.


My approach makes it much more likely that you can ...

  • Transform bitter arguments into healthy and satisfying dialogues. (Believe it or not!)
  • Move misery and anger to healthy and fulfilling ways to connect.
  • Transform emptiness, loneliness and resentment to a rewarding and intimate relationship.
  • Restore hope and recreate physical and emotional gratification.

You don't have to be stuck in the same old ugly patterns. Change is possible!

What Makes Me Different

Early in my therapy career as an intern, I started producing results that surpassed my supervisors. As an experienced therapist, I began seeing couple after couple make it through the most difficult marital and relationship problems I have ever heard of.

Unlike my first career as a computer guy, psychotherapy comes natural and easy to me. While I struggled to master computers, I believe I have been given a gift and passion as a counselor.

I have a strong foundation as marriage and couples counselor. I come from a long-lineage of healthy long-term marriages. My grandparents were married for 60 years. My mom and dad are still married after 52 years. (Update: 12-8-2018 My father passed away this day and my parents were married 58 years! Love you and miss you dad. My wife's parents were married 51 years before my mother-in-law passed away. All 3 of my siblings, myself, all 4 of my mother's siblings, and all my siblings parents are all still together on their first marriage. 9 out of 10 (yes 10) siblings on my dad's side made it till "death do us part".

My experience working with couples has been that many relationship issues can be resolved or significantly reduced in about 10 - 15 sessions. What's even more surprising is that even couples who tell me they are on the verge of separating or divorcing, will often leave the sessions with a renewed sense of hope. I was told by one client that there was only about a 5% chance of the marriage working out and also said that "I'm not even interested in repairing the marriage". Today the couple is back together and they say that they are "closer than ever before"

Frequently Asked Questions About Marriage Counseling

Not all couples problems are created equal. Some are quite easy to work through, while others are far more complicated. If you both have a committment to the relationship and can stay connected to my therapeutic approach, then I believe you have a staggeringly good chance to turn things around.
This is a difficult situation to be in. This means that you are more invested in making this work out than your partner. However, there are still many things you can work on to create motivation for your partner to come in. At a time like this, it is critical to learn the communication, behaviors and attitudes that will increase your partner's desire to come in to counseling. The odd thing is that it usually requires doing the opposite of what many people think. One psychologist once said that this is the most powerful observation in human nature of the 20th century. (It was discovered in the 1970's and holds true over and over even today). It was the foundational principle that changed my life.
Without this knowledge and skill, it is easy to fall into mistakes that could easily cost you the relationship. I can give you guidelines that will help maximize your chance of inspiring your partner to come in and also help you consider the critical mistakes many people make when in this very situation.
No, many times, people will often come in for couples counseling to maintain a quality relationship. They have no major issues, but realize they need a perioidc tune-up and reminders of how to better communicate and staying connected. Just like cars function best when they are brought in for their routine maintenance, so do relationships.