Counseling Services




Adult Individual Counseling

If you want help, just for yourself, then individual therapy is for you. People seek individual therapy for a variety of reasons. It may include sadness, loneliness, or experiences with depression, anxiety, fear and any other types of emotional distress. Individual counseling puts your needs at the center. It can provide hope and comfort in times of distress. It is a powerful source of support to help you identify your areas of strength and weaknesses and help you undo the harmful patterns of your life that leads to unhappiness.



Child Counseling

If you notice that your child is no longer doing well in school, has been acting out more than usual, is more irritable and anger, or withdrawn, then these may be indicators that the child needs therapy services. Sometimes life events or transitions cause children to experience genuine emotions like fear, terror, guilt, and/or anger often resulting in poorer performance and/or behavior problems.

Play therapy is the most common form of counseling for children ages 4-12. The therapist will use drawing, art, puppets, games and other creative means to pull out the things that are bothering the child. The therapist can observe and/or interact with the child during play, using talk or play objects to communicate.
If the child is more talkative and mature, more talk can be incorporated into the process.


Teen Counseling

Teenagers are a special breed of people. They desire independence and want mom and dad to leave them alone, yet they often still lack the maturity and wisdom to guide their life properly. It often leaves the parents frustrated and feeling disrespected, while the teen usually feels annoyed. This is the age group where they start to experiment with harmful and destructive behaviors like unprotected sex, drugs and alcohol, and marijuana.

If you’ve feel like you’ve had it with your teenager, or just need some extra help, then you and/or your child may be good candidate for Teen Counseling.

I have devised creative methods to get through to teens. Since most teens don’t like to talk about their problems to older adults, I strategically employ martial arts training, music, song writing, and various other means to build trust.



Christian Counseling

Groups usually consist of about 4 – 8 people who share a common problem. Groups can be formed around issues like an addiction to drugs, alcohol, or pornography, as well as issues like parenting, building self esteem, moving through the death of a loved one or loss of a job. It is an effective arena to obtain support through difficult issues and improve social skills. Please contact me if you are interested in a specific topic. It is less expensive and sometimes more appropriate than individual therapy.



Couples Counseling

Couples counseling provides a safe place for you and your partner to communicate your concerns. A good therapist can provide a non-threatening environment to discuss even the most sensitive issues. If you’re having trouble maintaining a satisfying relationship and the same issues keep coming up over and over again, or if you feel distant or empty, you are a good candidate for couples counseling.

Even if you are not in a troubled relationship, counseling can be helpful for those who are simply seeking to deepen a relationship and make a good relationship even better.



Family Counseling

When all members of a family are affected by an issue, it might be time for family therapy. If there is an illness in one or more family members, if there is a trauma that impacts the whole family, then consider family therapy.